Snack Shack

Meadows’ Snack shack is open Wednesdays and Fridays immediately after school, during school games and for some Saturday events.

The Snack Shack items available immediately after school are “Smart Snack” items.  During Games and on weekends – all items are for sale.
All items are $1 and include ice cream, water, cup-o-noodles, pretzels, candy, chips and Gatorades.

Parents (with student helpers) are needed to staff the snack shack. Student helpers also gain community service time.


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Click here for February 2018 Sign Up Genius  Half of the proceeds for the month of February go to Camp Friendly Pines!

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Working the snack shack is easy!  See instructions below, or contact Kathryn Majors at

Click here to see Procedures [NOTE:  Due to new Federal Guidelines, we ARE NOT allowed to open the Snack Shack before 4:10pm regular school days (1/2 hr after end of school) unless we are selling only items from the approved smart snack list]

NOTE: Please be aware that a parent has to be present in the Snack Shack at all times!   This is really a lot of fun and great bonding time with your kids and we try to keep it simple and easy.