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Our PTM runs on community and parent participation.  Please consider helping.  Whether you have an hour to give, a dish to donate or can coordinate an event – WE NEED YOU!

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Executive Board Positions:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer-Receivables, Treasurer-Payables.  NOTE:  Two people can share a position (i.e. Co-Vice President).  The PTM Executive Board meets once per month and sets the goals and plans for the PTM organization for the year.   Your valuable input can make a difference in your child’s school!  Contact a current board member to see what is involved with their position.

Committees & Committee Chairs

Art Masterpiece Program  |  Book Fair  |  Camp Friendly Pines  |  Charitable Acts Committee  |  Commencement |  Community Liaison  |  Constant Contact  |  Copy Cats  |  Curriculum Night/Science/Poetry Slam  |  Directory  |  Disability Awareness  |  5th Grade Welcome  |  Fall Fundraiser/Magazine Sales  |  Grant Writing  |  Holiday Party  |  International  Baccalaureate(IB)  |  Med-O-Gram  |  Membership  |  Performing Arts Booster Coordinator  |  Picture Day Coordinator  |  Special Events/Projects  |  RAM Roundup  |  Restaurant/Retail Event Coordinator  |  Reward Program Coordinator  |  Site-Based Rep  |  Snack Shack  |  Sports Booster  |  Spring Fundraiser  |  Student Orientation  |  Teacher Appreciation  |  Vision and Hearing Testing  |  Volunteer Coordinator  |  Web Site

Here are the various committees and their duties as well as timing of commitments:

Art Masterpiece Program
Chair: Zenia Hickson
Volunteers prepare and present a talk on a renowned artist or art work in the classrooms and coordinate a hands-on art project.  An art background is not necessary as training sessions are held for all volunteers and all materials and information are provided.
Timing: School year – weekly or singular presentation (depending on volunteer availability)

Book Fair
Chair: Savannah Tranguch

Volunteers set up, tear down, work with students and families at the book fair, work the cash register.
Timing:  Twice per year

Box Tops Committee
Chair: Sadie Jo Smokey-Crews
Collect, count and submit box tops through the Box Tops for Education organization
Timing: Fall and Spring Collection

Camp Friendly Pines:
Chair: OPEN
Co-Chair:  OPEN
Volunteers plan events to raise money for Camp Friendly Pines (5th Grade class trip). Act as a point of contact for the 5th grade team to communicate to parents.
Timing: School year
For more information on Camp Friendly Pines visit the Camp Friendly Pines page

Charitable Acts Committee:
Communicate community service opportunities with parents. Work with student groups and Meadows families to meet the needs of our community and help students fulfill their community service hour requirements.
Timing:  School year

Co-Chair(s): Amy Abalos and Jen Peacock
Volunteers coordinate commencement activities:  donations, water park day, dance, picture day, commencement event.
Timing:  School year
For more information visit the 8th Grade Commencement Page

Constant Contact:
: Charlotte Shaff
Co-Chair: Open
Send out eblasts using Constant Contact email marketing tool.  Upload email lists, create emails, work with committee chairs & PTM board to coordinate eblast announcements. (NOTE: May be a Board Position as part of Communications Secretary duties)

Copy Cats:
Co-Chair: OPEN
Coordinate volunteers to prepare copies for teachers and staff.
Timing: School Year (when your schedule allows)

  Dads’ Club:
:  Toby Goodfarb
Co-Chair:  Patrick Holloway
To promote fundraising and philanthropy in the Meadows community. The Dad’s Club will meet monthly and make plans to help bolster the fundraising efforts of PTM as well as plan philanthropic events in the community.
Timing: School Year

Coordinate business supporters list and handle advertising solicitations.  Production and distribution of the school directory (if hard copy). Database management if online.
Timing: July – Early Oct.

Disability Awareness:
Chair: Jennifer Baker
Act as liaison between PTM and disabled and/or special needs/special ed students/families/community. Report to PTM meetings.
Timing:  School year 

Facebook/Instagram Administrator
Co-Chair: Chris Goodfarb
Co-Chair: Angel Conaway
Post updates on the PTM facebook page. Notices of upcoming events and celebrations in the Meadows community. 
Timing: School year

Fall Welcome Dinner / Back to School Night:
: Dionne Hanna
Plan welcome dinner for all Meadows families, presentations by teachers.  Coordinate volunteers, dinner and teacher presentations.
Timing:  August 

Fall Fundraiser:
Chair: Aaryn Colosimo
Co-Chair: OPEN
The Fall Fundraiser is the major fundraiser for PTM.  Organize student events, sales and prizes.
Timing:  August – Early Sept.
For more information visit the Fall Fundraiser Page

Grant Writing and Solicitation:
Pursue grant opportunities for Meadows’ needs.
Timing:  periodically

Holiday Party:
Co-Chair:  OPEN 
Host and/or help plan holiday party with PATS first Fri of December.  Meadows hosts event every other year (our year is 2020).  Coordinate pot luck dishes, decorations, donations, etc. 

International Baccalaureate(IB) Committee:
Work with administration during the IB Application & Implementation process.  Service as a liaison with PTM as to what is happening with IB at Meadows.

: Chris Goodfarb
Create monthly newsletter for parents utilizing Canva. Coordinate with committee chairs, PTM board, & Meadows staff to gather information.  Keep calendar of events.
Timing:  Monthly 

Performing Arts Booster Coordinator:
Work with performing arts teachers to meet the needs of those programs.  Coordinate fundraising events. May help with Meadows Got Talent.
Timing:  School year

Picture Day Coordinator:
Chair: Danielle Hanson
The committee will coordinate with the Photography company the dates the pictures will be taken on campus twice a year (Fall/Spring). The chair will schedule the volunteers needed to help assist the children during the photo session.
Timing: Fall and Spring (1-2 days)

PTM Special Events/Projects:
Chair-Bob Ross Night: Emily Kingston
Help plan and/or staff special events, such as Bingo Night, Trivia Night, Bob Ross Night, Meadows Got Talent or other family and community events.
Timing:  periodically

RAM Round Up (Now = Future 5th Grader):
Carrie Lifshitz
Plan event for 4th Grade Simis students & their families to visit Meadows.  Coordinate volunteers, student leaders and PTM to staff event.
Timing:  April

Restaurant/Retail Event Coordinator:
:  Zenia Hickson
Work with local restaurants and retailers for fundraising events.  Advertise for event, work with campus groups to coordinate their events.
Timing:  School year

Reward Program Coordinator:
Monitor and enroll people for our rewards programs.  Help PTM get the funds, etc. from these business supporters:  AmazonSmile, Tuft & Needle, Fry’s, eScrip, etc.
Timing:  School year (heavy at the beginning of year)

Site-Based Reps: 
Parent Reps: Brett O’Brien, Tanya Pinkerton, Kim Choukalas, Sarah Reimer, Carrie Lifshitz
Committee made up of administrators, teachers and parents in our community.  The purpose of the team is to develop and monitor the school goals and objectives. Those goals and objectives address the specific needs of our students, parents, staff and community. Attend district meetings and Chair reports back to PTM Meetings.
Timing:   Monthly meetings

Snack Shack:
Chair:  Kathryn Major
Coordinate & instruct volunteers for afterschool, evening & weekend staffing.  Order inventory, meet delivery and stock snack shack.  Volunteers in the snack shack sell merchandise.
Timing:  School Year (Stocking bi-monthly)
For more information visit the Snack Shack Page

Sports Booster:
Athletic Admin Chair
:  Kelly McMahon
Banner Chair: OPEN
Admin Chair works with Athletic Director to help track athletes, paperwork and fee payments, and uniform information that coaches collect.
Banner chair finds donors to purchase athletic banners.   Mail out sponsorship brochures to local business and work with printing company to create banners.
Timing:  School Year

Spring Fundraiser:
: Chris Goodfarb
Co-Chairs: Brooke Coty, Britton Sanchez, Kerrie Wallace
Plan dinner/auction event.  Coordinate volunteers, donations, and venue.  Committee members solicit donations for auction items and event food/drinks.  Usually a costume themed, adult only event.
Timing: March/April

Registration Coordinator:
: Sadie Jo Smokey-Crews
Plan summer orientation event.  Coordinate volunteers, PTM and student leaders for this 2 day event for parents to register students, get information and purchase t-shirts.
Timing:  July

T-Shirt Sales:
:  Carrie Lifshitz
Order Meadows PE shirts (online) and coordinate sales/stock.   Make sure t-shirt sizes are stocked.  Assist during summer registration with sale of shirts.
Timing:  School year 

Teacher Appreciation:
Chair: Angel Conaway
Co-Chair: OPEN
Plans various events and special happenings for teachers and staff, organize volunteer time and donations.  May include:  back to school luncheon, teacher conferences dinner/snacks, teacher appreciation week
Timing: School Year

Vision and Hearing Testing:

Chair:  Danielle Hanson
Co-Chair:  OPEN
Coordinate the volunteers needed for the student’s vision and hearing screenings. Work with the school nurse and students during vision & hearing testing.
Timing: September or October (1 week)

Volunteer Coordinator:
Coordinate volunteer opportunities at the school.  Compile volunteer data and assist committee chairs with finding volunteers.  Ability to set up spreadsheets needed or sign up genius needed.
Timing:  School Year (mostly at beginning and end of year).

Web Site Coordinator:
: Carrie Lifshitz
Co-Chair:  Chris Goodfarb
Update PTM Website pages (WordPress) and PTM Store.
Timing:  School year

Welcome Committee
Chair: Sadie Jo Smokey-Crews
The purpose of the welcome committee is to make the transition to Madison Meadows as easy as possible for incoming 5th graders and their families.
Timing: School Year

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