Camp Friendly Pines



We are seeking parents interested in chaperoning and/or assisting with the Camp Friendly Pines committee.  Please consider joining your 5th Grader on this memorable trip or helping with the planning and fundraising!  If you are interested, please contact Ms. Cohen at

Camp Friendly Pines Committee fundraises throughout the year so that our 5th Graders can all attend this amazing trip!  

Direct donations to Camp Friendly Pines’ trip can now be done on the PTM website!  Send this link to family & friends if they would like to make a tax-deductible donation to this fantastic Meadows tradition:

Camp Friendly Pines is an annual trip for our 5th Graders. Students spend 4 days at Camp Friendly Pines in Prescott, Arizona. This long tradition has students participating in a literal classroom in the pines. Classroom studies such as Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, etc. are all practiced using the environment around them. Other exciting activities include ropes courses, horseback riding, cabin skits, and more! All 5th Grade Teachers attend but parent chaperones are also needed. Teachers and parent volunteers work year round to make this a great experience for everyone. Various fundraising events are held throughout the school year to help off-set the cost of the trip as well as provide scholarships for students.  Visit Camp Friendly Pines’ website here.