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The Uganda Teacher Exchange Project: Madison Meadows has been offered a very rare and amazing opportunity to do a teacher exchange program with teachers from Uganda. In June, we hope to send 5 teachers from Meadows to Uganda for 10 days to learn about their schools, culture, teaching, arts and community. Then in January 2020, we will host teachers from Uganda to come see how we teach and learn about our culture, arts and about how amazing Madison Meadows is. If you can donate to help send our teachers on this amazing trip, please click here to donate.
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Within the framework of Madison School District and our school, we have the Parents and Teachers at Meadows (PTM). The PTM’s mission is to:

Provide support to our children, our faculty, staff, administration and our parents for the betterment of the educational process and social environment of Madison Meadows Middle School.

PTM needs your involvement to meet our mission!