8th Grade Commencement

Madison Meadows 2021 8th Grade Commencement


Please be aware that alteration or cancellation of these activities could be a possibility dependent on state of pandemic.
2021 Commencement Dates:

Monday, May 24th, 2021 – 6:30 pm Commencement Ceremony (Madison Performing Arts Center)


If you are interested in helping with the 2021 Commencement Committee, please email commencement@meadowsptm.org.

Commencement 2020 Information (2021 information coming soon)


This is an exciting time and the 2020 Meadows Commencement Committee and Meadows Administration are working hard to create special events that will provide life long memories for our students.  The following pages include the information you will need in order for your 8th grader to participate in the various commencement events.  Please review the information carefully. Click here for a pdf of the Commencement Packet


  1. All the  paperwork signed. Click here for an extra copy.
  2. $55 District Assessed Commencement Fee (not tax credit) paid directly to the Commencement Committee/PTM, AND
  3. Receipt that the $50 District Assessed Activity Fee (tax credit) has been paid to Madison School District

BOTH the $55 Graduation Fee AND the $50 Tax Credit Activity Fee are needed to cover the budget for these special events

Each student will receive: a Commencement T-Shirt featuring the class voted theme and the names of their classmates; a panoramic photo, the Commencement Dance including mandatory police security, music, special decorations, photos and food; A “water day” at AZ Grand Resort including resort fees, travel costs, and resort food; The Awards Program; A class gift to the school and Commencement Ceremony Tickets (up to 4 *).

Please complete the $55 Commencement payment online through the “store” at www.meadowsptm.org.  Copies of this paperwork are on the website.  If you are unable to make your payments online, please submit a check for the $55 to “PTM” (no cash will be accepted) to the front office along with all completed paperwork.   The $50 Activity Fee payment is made to msd38.mytechsupport.com/eca/ or through the front office with a separated check made out to “Madison School District” and the receipt submitted with paperwork. (This $50 covers the trip to AZ Grand).  There will be NO REFUNDS.  

Student participation in all commencement activities is dependent upon compliance with our school’s academic and behavior policies.


BEFORE FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020 (due to the uncertain times, the deadline has been extended)


If you have any questions, or if you would like to join the committee, please contact the Commencement Committee Chairs: Leeann Spangler (leeanns@cox.net) or Carrie Lifshitz (carrielynn14@gmail.com)

* An email with the date to request commencement tickets and details of the process will be sent out at a later time.

Important Dates to Remember

Friday, March 27th (due to the uncertain times, the deadline has been extended)

Friday, March 27th (PICTURE WILL BE RE-SCHEDULED due to the extended spring break)
PICTURES – Class Group Photo (1st Period) – Please see dress code notes.

Friday, May 15th

Friday, May 15th
No outside guests are allowed at the dance.
PICK-UP FROM COMMENCEMENT DANCE Students must be picked up IN FRONT of the Meadows Cafeteria
promptly at 7:30 pm. Students cannot leave early unless parent is present at door.

Monday, May 18th
STUDENT AWARDS – In cafeteria 8:45 AM – 10:00 AM Parents are welcome and must sign in at the front office.

Monday, May 18th
6:45 PM STUDENT DROP OFF AT MADISON Center for the Arts

Tuesday, May 19th
9:00 AM-2:30 PM
● Students will be transported by Madison school buses.
● Students MUST wear their Commencement T-Shirts.
● Appropriate swimsuits, cover-ups (t-shirt) and SUNSCREEN are required.
● The field trip will be chaperoned by the 8th Grade teachers and volunteers.
● All School Rules apply

Wednesday, May 20th
LAST DAY OF SCHOOL- EARLY RELEASE AT 12:05PM -Certificate of Promotion will be handed out at school.



Panoramic Class Picture: During first period on Friday, March 27 ALL 8th grade students will have the 8th Grade Class Group Panoramic Photo. This panoramic picture will be available for purchase separately through the photography company, Dorian. We will not take individual pictures at this time.

Dress Code: In keeping with Meadows tradition, students are required to dress nicely for these pictures.

Boys must wear a shirt & tie with dress pants and belt.

Girls must wear a dress or a skirt/dress pants and blouse. No strapless dresses, halter dresses, or outfits that allow underclothes to show will be allowed, unless a sweater or jacket is worn at all times.

Meadows dress code will be enforced on picture day!

Students will not be allowed to change clothes during class time. They may change during lunch or wear their picture clothes for the entire day.

Commencement Day Pictures:

In addition to the panoramic photo, Dorian will be on hand at the Commencement Ceremony and will take pictures of each student as they descend the stage. Order forms will be provided to you prior to picture day and will be turned in on commencement night. Orders may be placed after Commencement, however, may be subject to late fees depending on how long after the ceremony orders are placed.

Ordering Pictures: Order forms will be sent home with 8th graders. Payment for these pictures will be handled directly through Dorian Studio Pictures (http://www.dorianstudio.com/).


Commencement Ceremony Ticket Information

Due to limited seating capacity you must have a ticket to be seated. If you do not need tickets, please leave them for other families.

  • Your student will be given a flyer with their name and individual access code – good for a maximum of 4 free tickets.
  • Starting May 1 at 10 AM – You will select these tickets through the The Madison Center for the Arts ticket system until May 10th at 11:59 PM. YOU MUST SELECT YOUR TICKETS THROUGH THIS SYSTEM BY MAY 10th at 11:59 PM.
  • On May 11th all remaining tickets will be available on a first come basis.
  • A limited number of seats for handicapped guests will be available.

Ceremony Parking

The Madison Center for the Arts parking garage will be available.

Commencement Ceremony Etiquette

Students and guests are asked to maintain appropriate decorum. We believe proper etiquette and behavior allows everyone to enjoy this important occasion and hear and see their student.

  1. No food or drinks allowed.
  2. EVERY student should be able to hear his or her name called. Family, friends and students are asked to refrain from clapping and shouting.
  3. Students and guests should avoid all unnecessary conversation and movement during the ceremony.
  4. Noise devices and balloons are not allowed and will be collected.
  5. All hand-held electronics or cell phones should be silent during the ceremony.
  6. Please remain in your seats during the ceremony. Please do not block the aisles.

*Note: The points listed above are meant to ensure that our students and guests have the most enjoyable day possible.

Commencement Ceremony and Dance Clothing Guidelines

We believe appropriate attire promotes the kind of dignity and respect that this type of ceremony and occasion deserves.



  1. Simple, attractive attire should be selected. Please No long formals or mini-skirts. There are stairs to climb as well as an elevated stage to consider.
  2. No low-cut/revealing or backless dresses. Bra straps must NOT be visible.
  3. No high slits, sheer, lace or revealing fabrics.
  4. Clothing should be age appropriate.


  1. Dress shoes are required and shoes must have a strap on the back for safety.
  2. Students are encouraged to not wear high heels.
  3. Absolutely no Flip-Flops.
  4. Vans or similar style shoe are acceptable if new or clean.


  1. Girls may not carry purses during the ceremony.
  2. Gloves should not be worn during the ceremony (or for school pictures).
  3. No facial jewelry will be allowed.
  4. Do not bring any hand-held electronics or CELL PHONES to the Ceremony. If a student has any electronic device including a cell phone on them, they will be asked to leave to go put it in a vehicle or with a guest at the ceremony. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you have any questionable attire, please get the outfit pre-approved by Mrs Hale


Shirt & Tie with Slacks:

  1. Dress shirts should be long sleeved. No polo-style shirts.
  2. Shirts must be tucked into slacks.
  3. A TIE MUST BE WORN for the ceremony – not required for the dance.
  4. Dress slacks/khakis are required. No jeans, sweats, cargo pants and no sagging slacks.

Boys are also required to wear a BELT.

  1. Dress jackets should NOT be worn for the Ceremony.


  1. Dress shoes are required. No sneakers or similar style shoes are allowed.
  2. Vans are acceptable if new or clean.
  3. Absolutely no Flip-Flops.


  1. No facial jewelry will be allowed.
  2. Do not bring any hand-held electronics or CELL PHONES to the Ceremony. If a student has any electronic device including a cell phone on them, they will be asked to leave to go put it in a vehicle or with a guest at the ceremony. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you have any questionable attire, please get the outfit pre-approved by Mrs. Hale