PTM General Meetings

PTM holds one hour general meetings monthly during the school year.  These meetings are a great way to hear about what’s happening at Meadows. You will hear the Principal’s Report, Grade Level Teacher Reports as well as PTM Committee Reports, PTM Budget information and ways you can volunteer to help PTM. Stay informed!!!

2020-21 Meeting Schedule: All meetings will be at 5:30PM on the first Wednesday of the month (except for August and October). Due to COVID-19 restrictions meetings will be via Zoom until further notice.

September 2nd 2020 (via Zoom) – Minutes
October 14th 2020 (via Zoom) – Minutes
     (video of the 10/14/20 meeting can be seen on PTM’s Facebook page)
November 4th 2020 (via Zoom) – Minutes
     (video of the 11/4/20 meeting can be seen on PTM’s Facebook page)

January 6th 2021 – Minutes
February 3rd 2021
March 3rd 2021
April 7th 2021
May 5th 2021


2019-20 Meeting Minutes
September 4th 2019 – Minutes
October 2nd 2019 – Minutes
November 6th 2019 – Minutes
December 4th 2019 – Minutes
February 5th 2020
March 4th 2020
April 1st 2020 (via Zoom)
May 6th 2020 (via Zoom) – Minutes

2018-19 Meeting Minutes
September 5th 2018  – Minutes
October 3rd 2018- Minutes
November 7th 2018 Minutes
December 5th 2018 –  Minutes
January 9th 2019  – Minutes
February 6th 2019 –  Minutes
March 6th 2019 –Minutes
April 3rd 2019 – Minutes
May 1st 2019 – Minutes